ShootOut is a Third Person Shooter game with RogueLite Elements.

Work In Progress!

ShoutOut [CodeName]  WIP, means you can test the game as it is but it’s under development, the demo/test version is published for players to help in the process.

  • By giving feedback, feelings, ideas, opinions
  • By making video streams that greatly help building a superior User Experience
  • By having fun and share with everyone, helping marketing

  • The world:

22nd century, there are still remains from the 21st and even from the 20th. But the 22nd century came with its own Revolution: Interstellar travels. Humankind is now in the process of colonizing a whole new world.

You’re a Space Scavenger. Cleaning all abandoned space stations of their remains.

Fight the raiders, save the prisoners and form them as your crew. Develop your vessel and increase your might with your looted treasures.

  • The maps:

There is a Procedural Dungeon system implemented.  Manage your team in your Headquarter, then decide your next mission.

  • The Weapons:

Pistols, Revolvers, Assault Rifles, ShotGuns, Sniper Rifles, Syringe Guns, Grenades, Drones… You’ll find the one fitting your style!

  • The Squad/Team:

Find and rescue civilians. If they survive, they will improve and serve you as backfire or healer.

A Demo is available !

Try it out on itch.io ! Leave a comment or even a game session video !
This will help a great deal to make a better experience !

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