The New Toy in Town!

The Syringe Gun

It’s a kind of gun spiting chemical toxin darts. Usefull to apply effects, positive or negative.
Here we can see Violette aplying a heal to her squad mate Maron. Jack, the player, covering the open door backward.

Play the current version : ShootOut

Hey !

Today a new toy has arrived, both for player and Bots. Be it friendly or not. It adds a good amount of survivability!

The Syringe Gun can totally turn the tide, silently applying various chemical effects (for now poison and heal)!

How to use it:

I’s like a gun, with 40m range, it launches a dart with chemical in perfect silence. To switch betwin the diferent toxins Reload while already loaded(this will cycle the toxins). To perform a heal to self pull the trigger whithout aiming.

Also I removed the ability for bots to perform headshots, was not really fun to be one shot! Even if it was quite rare. The counterpart is I augmented the chance for ennemy spawn in dungeons by 10%.

As I had to dive into the AI logic for it to use the new toy, I did a lot of tweaksand cleaning there. There is still some work to perfect it though!

Please, enjoy the current version, send me some feedback, opinion, ideas, reviews, hug or kisses!

Until next week!

Play the current version : ShootOut

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