New Gadget!


Play the current version : ShootOut

With some knowledge one can program it to perform useful tasks.  For now only one (lot more to come): it will generate a kinetic shield every 60 seconds for the whole squad. With such a tool, your longevity on the battlefield is considerably longer!

But, beware, your foes could well possibly own one!

It is very fragile, few hits will destroy it, though… And upon destruction, not only you loose its benefits but it also explode… better run, then!

Here we can see Jack and his squad using it :

As usual, a lot of bugs fixes, tweaks, improvement… and new issues. I’m particulary happy to have tracked down and killed an old crash… Thanks the drone, with it I could test some shootout against dozens of baddies, that made easier to reproduce the faulty method!

No really sexy screenshot to show this week! 

Thanks everyone who read this, and everyone who play! Don’t hesitate to share impressions, feedback, ideas, bugs, hugs and anything you wish! It really helps!

Until next week!

Play the current version : ShootOut

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