This week update isn’t gorgeous, I had some business which took a good part of the week. I mainly played the game previous build as part of the DoubleTrouble Contest which is, I can say, a total failure, as there is not a single participant 😀  Whatever, I used the event to experience the game as a player, to get an overall feeling of the experience. I would have loved to see a couple of streams from you guys’n gals, playtesting is really a big part in the process of creating the game.

Play the current version : ShootOut

You know there is still the whole day to score one single point, make a 1min stream and be the proud winner? –> DoubleTrouble Contest!

I added the Smoke Grenade to the game, once thrown it will create a quite huge smoke area that occludes visibility. The perfect tool to retreat from an unwanted fight, or avoid it altogether. The few tests I did with it whispers that it needs some tuning, or some counter like the scanner drone. I’ll also do some test occluding the player vision to be fair. In any cases, I feel that the system is more balanced between aggressive and sneaky tactics now.

In the future some more weapons are planned, I mean big stuff like

  •  rockets, miniguns, missiles, exo skeletons

 Sneaky tools and technics are also planned : 

  • stealth kills, traps, lures… 

And of course a lot of work is needed on the AI, party members must adapt better to the player’s actions and tactic, enemies need more complex tactic moves like retreat, regroup, flank…

But other parts of the game need some love now :

  •  Story / Choices / Narration / Consequences  / Meanings / Emotions / Reward / Exploration / Character Development

just to name a few.

Play the current build, share some feedback, ideas, opinions, it is never useless!

Play the current version : ShootOut

And stay tuned!

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