Hello !

Long time I did not update, sorry for that. I was quite struggling to pull out things, to be honest Struggling led to no pleasure and motivation lost. I was still working on the project but not advancing, really. Then a neat blog post from Chris Zukowski i’m following : very good link here! I decided to do just what Zukalous said: Cut every features not ready and polish a game loop with what I got so far.

So, I’ll just get rid of almost all the narration which is quite above what I could build until I got some more miles in my counter.

I got this pretty solid shooter mechanic, a satisfying and fun AI, a working weapon and equipment system, a squad system and a very good procedural dungeon/map generator. The game will turn around those features. I’ll use the three months lasting before release to polish and refine the user experience around those axes. With a simple story which will be more a context.

With this devlog I published a first rough of what to expect in the next builds: The player will own a Headquarter where he’ll manage his crew, rest, equip and launch procedural mission map from there. The missions will be increasingly difficult with increasingly good equipment drops. He will be able to recruit squad members and upgrade them if they survive the mission.

Freed from the overwhelmed goal I pursued, i’m back to work with all my will! thanks Zukalous!


Play the current version : ShootOut

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