New threat!


A new threat for you to overcome: turrets. Don’t be caught on their line of sight, especially the gattling one which spits 7.56 candies at 600 rounds per minute. You got choices, thought: wasting a good bunch of precious ammo an explode it or flank and hack it making a good ally in the process!

Much more turrets type to come! Stay tuned!

With this build a load of fixes, tweaks and improvement have been done. Most notable one coming into my mind: PumpGun has been doped with better firerate (90bpm), greater range (30m) and better ammo load(8). This is assorted with a 3 seconds immunity on KnockDown effect, though.

I’m also working on the next chapter which will be exterior, here is a preview:

Once dealt with Jearl Hyatt, the first boss, you’ll have the opportunity to travel there… the boss fight has been improved also, and will be again in the near future.

Thanks for reading, greater THX for playing, and please, don’t hesitate to share your thoughts, ideas and feedback, it’s REALLY appreciated (I cannot afford play testers ya know ^^)!

Play ShootOut now!


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