This week was a lot about Chapter two. After beating Jearl Hyatt in Station 23B, our hero will be asked to investigate Mantaurus Prime, capture enemy bases and find their headquarter.

This chapter will be outdoor, the gunfights will be more intense, with the presence of heavier weaponry. The maps are, as chapter one, procedurally generated. The main goal is to find the enemy HQ, and capture bases along the way for bonus credits & loot; captured bases will also serve has rally point, once captured a group of 7SidesCorp troop will guard the zone.

Here is a preview of what is coming:

I also worked on balancing weapons combo.  I doped the plasma gun which now have an explosion on the poisoning version. And I added a new toy: Submachine Gun: a middle way between Pistol & Assault Rifle. Still, Assault rifle is shiny…

AI has been cleaned a bit, their is still latency on Bots reaction, though. This will be worked out. Bots learnt to throw grenades on turrets, they still need practice I guess, cause they are killing themselves more than often.

Till next week!

Play the Demo right now!

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