Let me introduce my new project!

The community early game.

GOSSIP which is a temporary name is a social simulation game.
The player is in charge of deciding social, political, philosophical, moral & judiciary laws.
With these tools he will grow and educate a society to achieve his goal.

Growing the most elitist and specialized group in war, art, economy or knowledge…
Legislate on matrimonial rules : polygamy, monogamy, matriarchy or patriarchy…
On social hierarchy : aristocracy, castes, equality, slavery…
On how to deal with criminals, strangers…

The goal of the game will be for the player to, firstly makes his community survive
and secondly reach some milestone not yet defined (total military domination, economical supremacy, or cultural supremacy…).

Some time later.

The AI is autonomous. From Looking for resources, processing them, to building and improving
their shelter or finding spouse(s) and make children.

The AI system is based on Instincts feeding. They are in three category:
Assimilation which contains needs like food, knowledge, exploration…
Conservation which contains sleep, rest, security…
Reproduction for needs like obviously children but also arts and craft…

The bots will age, die and transfer their wealth to children depending of the law in the matter,
which is decided by the player.

The system is in good shape and ready to be expanded with more functionality.
The source code is available on my GitHub repository https://github.com/aniasin/Gossip2

Feedback more than welcome!

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