Sillikone Games is a development studio created, maintained and run by a one man team : Laurent Pierrat aka Sillikone.

I’m in my late forties, always wanted to develop since my teenth. But life is such a mysterious thing, oportunities did not appear early.

I traveled a lot, as a backpacker, in Africa, Asia, India, USA, Europe… loved to discover diferent cultures, cults and way of life.

I worked in many fields, from farming to VFX for Hollywood (as technician). Every now and then, I tried to develop 3D games, but late 90s early 2000s it was quite a challenge, and I needed to eat also, and take care of my family.

Not very long ago, in 2018 I found out that Unreal Engine was free and open source, so I gave it a try… Never looked back. Never was it so easy and cheap to create, it only needs a whole lot of work and practice. So here I am, working to make my dream comes true : to create visual / Interactive Stories.

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