This week I focalized quite a lot on Quality of Life. A lot has been done to make the experience “gemütlich” (comfortable).

Now you’ll see the maximum allowed ammunitions next to the carried ammo, when approaching an ammo pick up it will display in red if you’e already full, weapons pick ups will also be displayed in red when you carry a better or equal ranked one in the appropriate slot (one hand or two hands).

In dungeons when you discover the exit, a tag will appear on the screen so you can still explore without risking to be lost again.

The Mission terminal is a lot clearer: useless buttons will disappear and appear again when needed.

I also added quite a bunch of notifications when needed.

The two firsts tutorial chapters have been tweaked also. A third and probably last one will be added soon.

Some tweaks have been made to the AI, it is now more responsive, take care. I also tweaked the weapons loudness, be careful, shooting a Pistol won’t attract foes from really far, but an Assault Rifle will be heard from 45m and an Alarm will from 90m!

Yes, the first trap has been added, it’s a laser that will trigger a powerful alarm. With a Scanner Drone you can hack it, though.

It’s about all, there are still things to discover!

Thx for reading,

Don’t hesitate to try out the game and give feedback, opinions, ideas…

Play ShootOut Now!

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